• BHARAT UTSAV 2015 - A two-day dance festival showcased the best of Indian classical dance forms presented by Debadhara- 'An Academy of Odissi Dance' under Guru Binayak Panda.

CLIENT: Debadhara – An Academy of Odissi Dance

After the success of Debadhara‘s website launch and their magazine’s release, they approached us to do branding for their upcoming festival ‘BHARAT UTSAV 2015 – A Festival of Indian Dance Forms‘ featuring prominent Indian classical dance artists of global fame.

Orissi Dance Guru Binayak Panda left his hometown in Orissa to spread & promote the style of his Guru outside Orissa at global stage.  Guru Binayak Panda has been organizing successful festivals of Indian classical dance forms under Debadhara for the past 12 years with the renowned artists of Indian classical dance industry.

His Odissi Dance Academy – Debadhara has been training students in Delhi for the past 12 years. Majority of his disciples are bright students studying in Schools & Colleges (Science & Engineering background) and are also performing with Guru Binayak Panda at prominent festivals/ events in different parts of India & abroad.

Ebiz-Eximius researched how Indian classical dance industry is using branding to promote their artists, events, festivals, etc and came to the conclusion that there is too much scope of improvement in this particular industry.

Ebiz-Eximius came up with a branding solution where the entire designs/creatives were revolved around the brand Debadhara. Through our branding, we ensured to leave a very STRONG VISUAL IMPRESSION of Brand Debadhara in the minds of performing artists, audience, visitors, guest-of-honours, VIP’s, government officials and everyone associated with the festival.

The invitation card design was clean with more breathing space and equal importance was given to all the performing artists in the same canvas. We also ensured to highlight Festival Director Guru Binayak Panda and  Debadhara prominently this time.

The event BHARAT UTSAV 2015 was a huge success with maximum footfalls of audience and overall coverage & telecast of the event by national media (DD India Channel) . Festival director Guru Binayak Panda was very pleased with the overall  impact of  brand Debadhara had on this festival. Debadhara also acknowledged Ebiz-Eximius’s brand consultant & designer Parul Jagtap for playing a key role in the overall success of the festival.

Ebiz-Eximius Inc.​' Brand Consultant Parul Jagtap

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