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CLIENT: Debadhara – Delhi

This is a unique case where client approached us to get their website designed. Like majority of the clients, this client also had little idea about the potential of online presence for their institute.

When Ebiz-Eximius started its research then we realized that Debadhara is doing a great work in the field of Indian classical dance by imparting training in Odissi to promote the ancient arts of India at global stage. They have staged performances in various prestigious festivals in India and abroad. Every year they organize festivals of ‘Indian Classical Dance & Music’ to carry forward the legacy of their Late Guru Debaprasad Das, one of the four founder fathers of the classical dance form of Odissi. People/ artists associated with these festivals are prominent personalities of Indian classical dance and music.

We did the market research to analyze our client’s market position with that of his competitors. We created a list of potential keywords using keyword research tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, and Wordstream.

We created a HTML5 based responsive website with all the available inputs in hands. We implemented the strategy to not only promote our client’s brand online but also provide a platform to promote all those artists who are are associated with Debadhara or have participated in Debadhara Festivals. Website users can go through the profiles of those prominent performing artists and will have the option to explore their respective official website or social media accounts.

As per the client, after the website launch, he is receiving positive inquiries of people eager to join his school to learn the ancient art of Indian classical dance form Odissi.

We are now planning to migrate this site from HTML5 to CMS based website and handover the charge to client’s students.

The real beauty of internet in this Information-Age lies in the fact when subject-matter-experts (in this case next generation of Odissi dancers) write and provide the information on internet based on their learning’s, knowledge and experience.

South Delhi, India

Responsive, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery

Odissi Dance Academy